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Day Design is a company that has provided professional acoustical advice to industry, commerce and the general community since 1982. All of our acoustical engineers are professionally qualified and trained in sound measurement, analysis and control.

We have amassed a wealth of theoretical and practical acoustics knowledge, which translates to proven and reliable acoustical advice to our clients. We find that our advanced scientific instrumentation and software plus early attention to acoustical design often results in significant acoustical cost savings for our clients.

Day Design operated the Acoustic Testing Facility at the National Acoustic Laboratories in Chatswood, New South Wales for the past 4 years. The facilities are now closed and testing is not available. To discuss your testing requirements please call the office to see if we are able to assist you.

Enjoy the quiet life! Our engineers are “people” people and would enjoy assisting you. Please contact us directly by phone, mail or email to discuss any particular acoustical problem.

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Good Acoustics By Design’ is the motto behind our success in many different areas of acoustic design.

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