Aircraft Noise Control

New residential developments near airports are required by Council to be designed to reduce aircraft noise within the dwelling. The acceptable indoor noise levels are 50 dBA within bedrooms, 55 dBA within other habitable rooms and 60 dBA in other rooms.

We conduct aircraft noise intrusion analyses, in accordance with Australian Standard AS2021:2015, of commercial and residential properties within the ANEF 20 contour for Sydney Airport, Richmond RAAF Base, Bankstown Airport, Camden Airport and the proposed Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek.

Depending on the location of the development relative to the airport, heavier building materials may need to be used, for example double glazing, roof insulation and door seals, however our recommendations are designed to be the most cost effective for the client.

We welcome the opportunity to provide clients with acoustical advice to reduce aircraft noise as required by their development consent.