Air Conditioner Noise

These days nearly every residence is provided with air conditioning. The condenser is normally located outside near your neighbour’s boundary. Depending on the size and location, the condenser may cause unacceptable noise next door.

In some circumstances your neighbour may complain to Council who would then investigate and if the complaint is warranted you will be sent a noise control notice requiring you to reduce your noise.

The good news is we can help you to reduce the noise to the limit required by Council. Typical solutions may include a barrier, discharge silencer, acoustically lined enclosure or relocation of the unit.

The Protection of the Environment Operations (POEO) is the regulation most Council Conditions use, as follows:
“A person must not cause or permit a power tool or swimming pool pump to be used on residential premises in such a manner that it emits noise that can be heard within a habitable room in any other residential premises (regardless of whether any door or window to that room is open):
(a) before 8 am or after 10 pm on any Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, or
(b) before 7 am or after 10 pm on any other day”.

We welcome the opportunity to provide our clients with acoustical advice to reduce noise from air conditioning systems.