Swimming Pool Pump Noise

Residential swimming pools are common place in Sydney homes. Older pools may be fitted with a noisy pool filter that could cause annoyance to neighbours. In some cases Councils require pool owners to reduce noise from their pool filter to acceptable levels.

Noise control for pool filters is relatively simple and easy to install.

A typical condition from Council is: (The Protection of the Environment Operations Act 2009 Clause 50 is the regulation most Council Conditions are based on.)
“A person must not cause or permit an air conditioner or heat pump water heater to be used on residential premises in such a manner that it emits noise that can be heard within a habitable room in any other residential premises (regardless of whether any door or window to that room is open):
(a) before 8 am or after 10 pm on any Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, or
(b) before 7 am or after 10 pm on any other day”.

We welcome queries from pool owners looking to reduce noise from their pool filter.