Environmental noise

Environmental noise issues can cause a mixed range of problems. The worst contributor to environmental noise in Australia is road traffic, but depending on where you live, there are many other problems, including (in no particular order):

  • Aircraft flyover noise;
  • Railway train (passenger and freight) by-pass noise;
  • Garbage collection trucks;
  • Street sweepers;
  • Tree mulchers;
  • Next door neighbours (see Residential Noise);
  • Air conditioning equipment;
  • Building and public works construction noise;
  • Lawnmowers;
  • Leaf blowers;
  • Home workshops;
  • Motocross circuits;
  • Rifle ranges and gun clubs;
  • Dogs and cats;
  • Outdoor entertainment;
  • Hotels and clubs;
  • Child care centres;
  • Restaurants;
  • River speedboats;
  • Schools and universities;
  • Shopping centres;
  • Sporting facilities.

We commonly suffer community noise thinking that there is nothing can be done about it. In some cases this is true, but in many cases much can be done to minimise environmental noise. Our acoustical engineers can tell you quickly if something can be done to fix a noise problem.

Barriers can be erected to screen noise sources, enclosures and silencers can be fitted to machinery, times of operation can be limited, double glazing can be fitted in windows and doors, and homes can be air conditioned so that doors and windows can be kept closed at times of noisy activities.